About TheWanderingEarth

Photography has been a key component to my life, but I didn't begin to seriously take an active hand in not just taking a photograph to post on social media, but to capture the extraordinary where others' may see ordinary in the last three years. I don't take a great deal of "people" focused photo's as others may, however I always strive to offer viewers' an unobtrusive glimpse into how I view the world.
I thrive to bring you images of nature and its many forms, I may even call them on occasion or throw their toy around with them first, but I won't pose any animal, person, or other without explaining that having been done as I believe the most beautifully captured images are the one's most organically captured. I'll lay under a flower bush for the perfect view of the blue sky through the purple flowers, I see the beauty in the wilting flower, or the spiderweb encrusted dried plant as fascinating when others' would just see a chore to be done, as there is such beauty within the overlooked and unobserved.